Sunday, November 1, 2015

Anemone Anyone? – by Charlie Macias

All the expert chefs and restaurant owners told me it was time to move on. So I picked a new spot to start over, shipped my stuff ahead and went on a little side trip. I thought back on the fateful meeting. All the usual faces were there. Most of them sitting there, hands folded on the table looking like they just ate something  sour, couldn’t smile even if you’d told them they’d just won the lottery.

They asked for fresh new ideas. I ran with my shrimp enchiladas proposal. It was just something that came to me in a dream I once had.  They didn’t react. They just sat there. What?!! Did they want me to jump on the table and dance a jig for them?!!  I wanted to shake them. Wake up, this is a good idea!!!

I got lost on my little side trip. I thought I was pretty good at navigating the territory. I must have done some wandering.  I thought I was circling back to my original location, but not quite. Fortunately, I ran into some nice folks that set me on the correct path.

They were a couple that ran a spa and tourist center. They had escaped the rat race and purchased a spot to share with visitors their love of the reef, the squid and the octopus. I sat with them at lunch one day and told them part of my story. I mentioned my enchiladas. They said I could come back sometime and try it out on them. If they liked it maybe they’d add it to their menu.

It was no guarantee, but at least they were willing to give me a chance. 

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