Sunday, June 30, 2013

The New Order(s) – by Charlie Macias

Okay, here’s the plan. Little Devil #1, I think we need a new push to get certain buzzwords back in the current vernacular. We need to heighten our profile. I’m thinking food. I’m thinking “deviled-ham,” “deviled-eggs,” and “deviled-food cake.” Get on it. I want to see these items on every restaurant menu available!

Little Devil #2, you know what term I like? I like “throw a spanner in the works” - which the British use for “screwing up.” You know, “throwing a monkey wrench into things?” Now I want “the devil is in the details” to become BIG!!! I want heads of state putting this into major speeches!” I want this to be THE catch-phrase of the millennium! I want it to be found in the next techno-industrial-post-disco-extended dance mix hit!!!

Little Devil #3, I’m getting kind of sick of Hell. It’s SO old-school. Too much heat, fire and brimstone and all that. I want our new headquarters to be cool and hip. Mellow. You look into some prime oceanfront property in Malibu. Toots sweet, I want it yesterday!!!