Saturday, July 30, 2011

Mushrooms On the Brain – by Charlie Macias

Her name is Annabella.

She likes mushrooms, ok?! I mean, she REALLY likes mushrooms.

She doesn’t care that the ‘shrooms are popping out of her cranium. She is actually quite content and doesn’t care what you think.

That’s a pretty strong statement.

How about an experiment? Don’t think “mushrooms.” Instead, think of any item that gives you a special buzz or any subject that is super interesting to you. Think of the things you could spend your whole day reading about, talking about, or imagining. (Since Annabella is a proper young lady -please keep your thoughts clean)

So, what’s sprouting out of your head? What are YOU crazy about and now walking around with on the top of your dome? Muscle cars? Shoes? Volleyballs? Stamps? …..Bigfoot?

Now --what if everybody adopted the thought that whatever is your individual “bag” that it is cool? And it’s all right if it just sprouted off your head.

Different strokes for…etc. etc. Can you imagine everyone taking pride in their own wacky Carmen Miranda headgear?!!! “Hello, my lady, and a tip of my hat to you!”

In this case the woman loves mushrooms. Don’t know why. Don’t really care. But she owns it; she thrilled by it.

So, Annabella, full steam ahead ….with a lot of mushrooms atop your head.