Monday, February 29, 2016

A Silly One for February 29 – by Charlie Macias

February 29th doesn’t come around very often so I put together a quick one to celebrate. It’s silly and makes no sense, but what the heck!

Yes, the story takes place on a ship—
Bingo, bang-o, bunco
The cow jumped over the moon
I was maybe mesmerized
But it happened way too soon

The shoes, the shoes!  Thank you!
You’re looking pretty hot yourself
Needed to be holding you
But I got thrown into the kelp!

Ok, so in Doris’ painting it looks like the young woman is in a lily pond NOT necessarily in kelp. 
That’s what happens when you do a quick one. Yep, blame me.

The lily pond theme would go better with a tribute to L.A.’s Echo Park (known for its lily pond). But there are already so many parks—and not a lot of February 29s. Ok, thanks for reading. Everybody back to work! Hi to March 1st

(Please note: no people, kelp nor cows were hurt in this silliness)