Friday, August 31, 2012

Stealing from Paul Simon! – by Charlie Macias

For this observation I'll take from Simon and Garfunkel, circa 1966, and "Dangling Conversation.” Was Paul Simon looking at his fish tank and imagining underwater friends when he composed this song?

The first set of lines in the song mention the ocean's roar. Then he cites "still life water color," "sun shines through a curtained lace (think of refracted light through the waves)," and shadows that wash the room.

“Maybe" the mermaid and the seahorse are discussing Emily Dickinson and Robert Frost (as in the song). "Maybe" they're discussing whether the theater is dead or not (as in the song). Maybe they're discussing some Disney Broadway play they're "right for" – NOT in the song. Did that mermaid cartoon go that route yet?

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Magic Mountain - By Charlie Macias

Wouldn’t you rather see her face on a mountainside rather than that of good ‘ol George Washington? Apparently, Abe Lincoln is some sort of vampire-killer of note so I guess we’ll keep him up there.

She could be a distraction, you know. I’m driving round the bend in the countryside then WHAM! Look at that gorgeous woman! Oops, took my eyes off the road and hit a tree!

This is another “one with nature” piece from Doris (see March 2011). It’s interesting that this and the aforementioned piece are nightscapes. More relaxing? It’s more mystical at night? To emphasize a dream state?

It’s important that this work comes off as a dream since the woman can truly ONLY dream of being one with nature this way. And One With Nature would never really want to gouge out and carve up the landscape – especially with a monument to oneself.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Devil May Care – by Charlie Macias

What the hoo-ha is going on here?!! This is outrageous! How can she reverse all my evil-doings?! She’s got some nerve wreaking havoc and making things pretty!
They don’t cover this type of activity in Satan 101. Can I banish her from hell?!! If Lucifer gets a load of this I’m off that summer fishing trip, for sure! Does somebody have the number for the Hades Hotline? I need some help!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

#&@%* Influences – by Charlie Macias

Ha! Little Devils! Little devils whispering in her ear.

Many of Doris’ works show someone or something trying to be of influence. In this case it’s the little devils. You know how I feel about Doris’ malevolent fairies (Oct. ’11). She’s also depicted other “authorities:” more devils (March ’10), bird-mongers (May ’11), jaguars (June ’09), and mermaids (last month).

If you are weak, less-assured, or easily manipulated you better look out. You better be mighty careful. You’re constantly being targeted, tested by seen and unseen forces. These may be human or otherwise. Are you losing free thought? Are you losing control and self-direction?

There are many forces that want you to be just like them: advertisers, consciousness-benders, fashion-setters, religious leaders. Do you know the difference between a positive force and a negative influence? Do you know when to say enough is enough? Can you tell when you’ve crossed the line?

And what is the line?!

Doris, why must you raise so many questions?!!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Back and Forth - by Charlie Macias

How are you?/Who are you?

Nice to see you again./What do you want?

Where are your friends?/Why do I get stuck with you?

You should come around more often./Next time call ahead.

I have some advice for you./Tell me something I DON'T know!

Is there anything I can do to help?/Why can't you just get it together?