Thursday, March 31, 2011

Nature’s Friend – Magician’s Enemy

The young woman is depicted as being “one with the world. “ The young lady has obviously transformed herself into a mountainside. Her hair forms ravines in which flowers grow. This transformation didn’t come overnight. The snail represents the long trek needed to truly come to appreciate nature.

The half moon is all but winking and smiling down on our beauty as she graduates to this enlightened state. She is at peace and completely one with the nature.

It is a bird the pulls out keys that represent knowledge and an understanding of the world.

A more menacing look at this piece may show Doris’ disdain for magicians and secrets.

Didn’t famous escape artist Harry Houdini hide a key in his mouth when he performed his escapes from shackles or a strait-jacket?

Get it? “Shackles” forbid you from a true appreciation of the world. The keys equal magician secrets. Secrets equal lies. Lies are shackles that stop you from seeing the truth. Magician secrets equal lies.

Or maybe Doris simply had a bad experience at a Penn &Teller show and is anti-magician.