Monday, May 3, 2010

Jaguar Says, Pt. 2 – by Charlie Macias

Yeah, that’s right, I’m back.

Calm down, calm down -- just because a superstar is in your midst.

Maybe you’ve seen me on the Discovery Channel? Animal Planet, maybe? You probably saw me on Nat Geo.

Oh yeah, I’m pure A-list, baby.

How do I know that?

See that bird that’s tethered down over there?

That doesn’t happen to a primetime star.

And you see that pretty chica I’m hanging with?

C’mon, do I really need to say anything more?

Don’t get jealous. Don’t be a hater.

Just using what comes naturally, y’know?

My cousin, cheetah, is really fast. My buddy Lion is ferocious.

Me? Mad hardcore jungle skills, mad jungle skills.

Oh yeah, I’m one baaaaaad cat.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Don’t Be So Negative – by Charlie Macias

It’s the mix of the innocent and the horrific. Which way are you going to be pulled? Is this piece just too damn optimistic? A lot of the time it’s all about your perception of things.

Maybe Lucille in “Nocturnal Warning” (from 1/10 below) isn’t in the middle of one great big mistake. Maybe she’s a carefree woman who is happily going about her business despite ominous surroundings.

Maybe the young woman in “Midnight Swim” (from 4/08 below) is emerging from the sea, victorious in conquering the swim across the English Channel.

Maybe the cat in “Jaguar Says” (from 6/09 below) is a willing and obedient friend to his keeper. Maybe she is imparting upon him some great knowledge of the universe.

Look at how the heroine in the above piece takes on woefulness and leaves beauty in her wake. Is the devil not impressed? Don’t you feel that the Devil is about to change his ways?

The young lady in “Love Detective” (from 9/09 below) is pure goodness. The little girl in “Gets My Goat” from 11/09) is full of pure amazement.

The world has its share of sadness and cruelty. In this world we all yearn for something good. We must have hope. Beauty and purity are all around us. Natural wonders are free. The Golden Rule, baby.

Or am I just feeling guilty about being so negative?

...don't worry, that won't last long.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Nocturnal Warning – by Charlie Macias

Let me go out on a limb with this one. This may be Doris’ most foreboding dreamscape.

I am convinced that this work entitled “Lucille” is about the dangers of unprotected sex.

Look at this cutie picking poisonous mushrooms at night. Of course they’re poisonous! Look at that skull out in the field! Look at that raven “innocently” checking out the scene in the nearby tree.

The butterfly is giving the young woman a warning. She pays no heed. She’s na├»ve, but very sensual. She’s wearing a see-though, flimsy, short- short dress and heels for picking mushrooms, for God’s sake!

Add it up, people: sexy woman doing something dangerous at night?