Saturday, September 19, 2009

Love Detective Breaks It Down - by Charlie Macias

At first, being the cynical kind of guy that I am, I figure the young lady is upset and is crying. However, though those appear to be the crushed tears of love running down her cheek, her heart is not depicted as broken. In some cultures a teardrop tattoo under the eye can represent that someone has killed or that they are commemorating someone that has died. Could it be that this woman’s overwhelming love has smothered a man? Or three? She hardly seems dangerous.

I also don’t believe she is broken-hearted because a beauty like her can always count on finding new love, no? Am I saying that she is incapable of being heartbroken? She can surely feel the pain of love, right?

The real clue is Doris’ title of this piece: “Super Heart Girl.” The young woman has so much love that it oozes out of her pores. Her ability to feel and give love provides her with enormous strength. She radiates love. But she is no super-hero. She is not flying about in a cape.

Ironman (super-hero reference, again) had an electromagnetic heart. E.T. had a famous heart-light – -which inspired a crappy Neil Diamond song. This one brings to mind a different 70’s top forty hit : “Love Will Find A Way” by Pablo Cruise.

The picture is also very reminiscent of depictions of the Sacred Heat of Jesus. But this is a contemporary woman, mainstreamed, non-denominational.

She appears to looking ahead at someone who needs aid, who could use a shot of love. She is coming to the rescue in a less-demonstrative fashion. She is like a mystery shopper or someone conducting an undercover restaurant review. You and I may not know she’s there, but she’s changing things up.

My findings at this time are inconclusive. But the Love Detective is onto you, lady!

(No, I don’t want to hear “Calling Dr. Love” by Kiss!)