Sunday, June 24, 2012

Magic Mountain - By Charlie Macias

Wouldn’t you rather see her face on a mountainside rather than that of good ‘ol George Washington? Apparently, Abe Lincoln is some sort of vampire-killer of note so I guess we’ll keep him up there.

She could be a distraction, you know. I’m driving round the bend in the countryside then WHAM! Look at that gorgeous woman! Oops, took my eyes off the road and hit a tree!

This is another “one with nature” piece from Doris (see March 2011). It’s interesting that this and the aforementioned piece are nightscapes. More relaxing? It’s more mystical at night? To emphasize a dream state?

It’s important that this work comes off as a dream since the woman can truly ONLY dream of being one with nature this way. And One With Nature would never really want to gouge out and carve up the landscape – especially with a monument to oneself.