Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Don’t Be Scared – by Charles Macias

But I AM scared.

I am fitfully frightened.

Tis the season for being skittish!!!

Oh no, goblins, ghosts and ghoulies!!!!!

I am having bad dreams every night!!!!

I don't like the dark! I don't like spiders!

DON'T quote Edgar Allan Poe!

Scary masks get me almost puking.

The world is aflame.

The zombies are out and they're NOT doing the Monster Mash.

Ooogum boogum baby.

Was that a black cat?!!!!!!

Why are there bumps in the night?!!!!

Kolchak! Kolchak!

Scooby Dooby Doo - where are you?!

I hate shadows.

Oh no, not another scream!!!!!!!

Puh-leeeez, just leave me alone!!!!!!!!!!

Every utterance is sheer TORTURE!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Tribute – by Charlie Macias

There are no rocks cannibalizing other rocks. There are no feuding pencils. There are no rocket ships to the moon.

I give you a talking jaguar and a talking bird. A crazy cat and a crazy bird. Take your pick.

And the beautiful woman? She is the muse. All wonderful ideas come from her.

Eh! I know you’d probably disagree.

Happenstance must be appreciated. But sometimes it occurs right under your nose without one ever realizing it. This one I caught.

You wouldn't want mushy. Being over-sentimental would not be your style.

So, I just say “thank-you.”

Monday, March 31, 2014

Ok, Doris, I Get It Now – by Charlie Macias

Almost five years back I ranted pretty well about a seemingly, big-headed fairy taking advantage of a unique and special situation (see “That Just Gets my Goat” from November 2009). It just didn’t sit well with me; that pixie was spoiling an otherwise wondrous scene. You remember, the pixie was cooling off her feet in the soup while the others simply enjoyed the little party.

How could Doris include that in her painting? It really irritated me. I didn’t understand how the fairy could be so…well…impish.

There are many ways to teach. Sometimes the best lessons are self-taught --through review and introspection. How can I make sense of this?

Please note that this question didn’t keep me up at night. I never agonized over it. But as I wished to include Doris’ wonderful piece in another post I just could not get past that pixie’s behavior and it just blocked my creative process.

But then it hit me! Doris’ wisdom is now so obvious! It’s brilliant.

The fairy is obviously the arranger of this event. She has the magic powers to bring about miniature zebras and giraffes. The little girl’s wonder is the result of the pixie’s efforts.

Ok, so it’s a fair trade-off. The little girl gets to spend time with amazing, transcendent friends – and the fairy gets to cool off her feet in the soup. Big deal. Maybe it’s a prescribed therapy for a metatarsal problem. Maybe it’s just some wacky, harmless fetish the fairy’s into.

But what does Doris teach us here? Sometimes you have to give a little to get a little...or a lot!


Friday, January 31, 2014

This Devil Couldn’t Cut It – by Charlie Macias

This case started in spring 2012 (see April 28, 2012 entry – “The Devil May Care”). Unfortunately, I must report that things took a turn for the worse. Our guy got zonked-out on beauty. Satan is down one soldier. Our man was committed to the local psycho-ward shortly after his encounter with the fair maiden.
We recently caught up with our subject at the facility. A short transcript of his ramblings starts here: “Boom! No.  No good! I must overcome Beauty! I must overcome Wonder! I must overcome Temptation! No, no – I’m bad! I'm supposed to be EVIL!! Can’t make the turn! Can’t make THAT turn!
A-ha , a-ha. She threw me off my game! I’m destruction, she’s revival. No, no – can’t be! Can’t be distracted! Look away! New Year, New Me?!! No!!!! I’m woozy, gotta get straight. I was in such a good groove! Laying chaos and devastation everywhere! I was doing sooooo good….until SHE came around! Can’t make that turn! No!
I’m in torturous ground here! Why do I keep hearing it?!!  Why why?! Cannot stand it! No more!!!! Please no more!!! Why do I keep hearing Mac Davis’ “You Gotta Stop and Smell the Roses” going round and round in my head?!!!!!!!