Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Jaguar says... - by Charlie Macias

She’s not free like me. She thinks she’s a free spirit of the universe, but she’s not.

She loves that bird, but the bird must be free like me. The bird will soon fly away.

She’s green with envy because I am truly free.

I love her boots, but she cannot catch me if she’s wearing those things.

Red velvet looks good on her, matches those gorgeous lips. The tassels remind me of Zorro.

She’s trying to hypnotize me, but I reverse the spell onto her.

I’m only sticking around for the free food.

The Daydream - by Charlie Macias

Quickly get off that swing! Let the daydream end! It’s your 77th birthday. You're not really ten years old - and all does not look good! Everything is floating away. Your life is up and away in that balloon! The flying angel is dropping off Death. And it appears that Death can walk on water just to show he’s really a major player in this scheme.

That swing is not for fun. It’s meant to lift you away into the hereafter. Even your shoes are off to make you that much lighter!

The lollipop is meant to sedate you. You won’t put up much of a fight. Chocolate cake! You’d never touch that! It’d mess up your pretty clean dress. Not exactly a wonderful celebration, eh?

You have a right to look confused.