Saturday, November 21, 2009

That Just Gets My Goat – by Charlie Macias

Could somebody please tell the fairy to get her feet out of the soup?! Everything is going just swimmingly and she just has to spoil it.

Unexpected visitors drop by to enjoy some refreshments: the zebra, giraffe and ladybug (a symbol of good luck). The little girl is overjoyed by their presence and seems thrilled at the appearance of the pixie. She obviously has not noticed that the Flying One is playing footsy with the bouillabaisse.

Ok, ok – maybe I should say something about zebra germs or giraffe backwash, but, c’mon, the fairy is practically human and should have better manners!

And look at the fairy’s face! Look how smug she is. She knows she’s getting one over on the girl. Talk about taking advantage of the magnitude of her rare sighting!

It’d serve her right if the zebra sauntered over and nudged her into the bowl. Oops!