Friday, January 31, 2014

This Devil Couldn’t Cut It – by Charlie Macias

This case started in spring 2012 (see April 28, 2012 entry – “The Devil May Care”). Unfortunately, I must report that things took a turn for the worse. Our guy got zonked-out on beauty. Satan is down one soldier. Our man was committed to the local psycho-ward shortly after his encounter with the fair maiden.
We recently caught up with our subject at the facility. A short transcript of his ramblings starts here: “Boom! No.  No good! I must overcome Beauty! I must overcome Wonder! I must overcome Temptation! No, no – I’m bad! I'm supposed to be EVIL!! Can’t make the turn! Can’t make THAT turn!
A-ha , a-ha. She threw me off my game! I’m destruction, she’s revival. No, no – can’t be! Can’t be distracted! Look away! New Year, New Me?!! No!!!! I’m woozy, gotta get straight. I was in such a good groove! Laying chaos and devastation everywhere! I was doing sooooo good….until SHE came around! Can’t make that turn! No!
I’m in torturous ground here! Why do I keep hearing it?!!  Why why?! Cannot stand it! No more!!!! Please no more!!! Why do I keep hearing Mac Davis’ “You Gotta Stop and Smell the Roses” going round and round in my head?!!!!!!!