Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Rip-Off! - by Charlie Macias

You've seen my rants here about Doris' malevolent fairy that appears in some of her paintings (see June 2011, November 2010). Well, it's been co-opted -- which is a nice way of saying "ripped-off" or "stolen."

DirecTV is featuring NFL hall of famer "Neon" Deion Sanders in its current series of television ads hawking its pro football package Sunday Ticket.

In the ads Deion flaps about various dopey football fans and encourages them to purchase the football package. Deion literally gets in the faces of these folks, insults them, then mesmerizes them. They quickly become Sunday Ticket converts, insults aside!

Sound familiar?

Doris and I await the royalties, thank you.

(Uhhh, I'm the accountant)