Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Five Things to Ponder – by Charlie Macias

1. I invite you to review this piece while listening to “Tomorrow Never Knows” by the Beatles off their Revolver album. On a continuous loop.

2. The three entities are contemplating each other. It is a never-ending, circuitous imagining. The fact that Ms. Outer Space of Vast Infiniteness is part of the circle just blows my mind! Can you fathom that?!

3. This scene will surely show up as a plot twist in Star Trek 3.

4. The neck rings on Ms. Outer Space are reminiscent of the ornaments worn by the women of the Kayan tribe (Burma) and the Ndebele people (S. Africa).

5. Quick! Book me a flight on that flaming pie, magical bowl or whatever it is before it takes off!