Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Escape – by Charlie Macias

She’s thinking about escape. She’s landlocked. She wishes she were a bird. The doves whisper freedom in her ear.

She looks hopelessly, longingly at the earthbound flower, the Bird of Paradise. Exactly, fly away to paradise. “Freedom” has such a wonderful ring to it. Escape would be a much welcomed occurrence.

But she can’t literally fly away. She should catch a train. Jump in the car and hit the road. Run to the airport and take to the friendly skies.

She looks ready to go, right? She’s just about ready to hit “scramble” mode. Contemplating escape. Contemplating escape. Don’t be thinking too long about it. Do it. Don’t pass up on a getaway.

She should be off on the wings of a dove. The doves should be all but pulling a magic carpet with our heroine aboard and then off to the heavens.

Meanwhile…back down to earth…to reality. Whatever our friend is escaping from it will all be right there again waiting for her when she comes back. Ain’t life great that way?

PRO: But she’ll be refreshed!
CON: Maybe we should switch this to a “Win big at Lotto” fantasy.