Monday, March 31, 2014

Ok, Doris, I Get It Now – by Charlie Macias

Almost five years back I ranted pretty well about a seemingly, big-headed fairy taking advantage of a unique and special situation (see “That Just Gets my Goat” from November 2009). It just didn’t sit well with me; that pixie was spoiling an otherwise wondrous scene. You remember, the pixie was cooling off her feet in the soup while the others simply enjoyed the little party.

How could Doris include that in her painting? It really irritated me. I didn’t understand how the fairy could be so…well…impish.

There are many ways to teach. Sometimes the best lessons are self-taught --through review and introspection. How can I make sense of this?

Please note that this question didn’t keep me up at night. I never agonized over it. But as I wished to include Doris’ wonderful piece in another post I just could not get past that pixie’s behavior and it just blocked my creative process.

But then it hit me! Doris’ wisdom is now so obvious! It’s brilliant.

The fairy is obviously the arranger of this event. She has the magic powers to bring about miniature zebras and giraffes. The little girl’s wonder is the result of the pixie’s efforts.

Ok, so it’s a fair trade-off. The little girl gets to spend time with amazing, transcendent friends – and the fairy gets to cool off her feet in the soup. Big deal. Maybe it’s a prescribed therapy for a metatarsal problem. Maybe it’s just some wacky, harmless fetish the fairy’s into.

But what does Doris teach us here? Sometimes you have to give a little to get a little...or a lot!