Monday, March 9, 2015

One Last Frozen Gasp – by Charlie Macias

This is not a happy tale. For many years Doris confused me with this painting. I couldn’t figure out what she was portraying in this simple winter scene.

The reality is that our main character has become trapped in the snow…out in the wild…no way out…no rescue.  She is all alone. She went for a winter stroll out in the country. Things turned tragic when an unforeseen snow storm hit quick and hard.

As her body goes numb she becomes delirious.  This picture is her last vision. She wishes she were in a warm house with the snow pilling-up outside. Notice how the house is barren just like the barren landscape outside. Notice how her hair is transforming into snow piles just like the ones outside.

She imagines herself a countess or some sort of royalty. It’s as if she is fighting this death still and being royalty offers her an extra measure of protection.  She does not deserve to die this tragic way. It is much too common.

Think I’m way off on this one?

Take a look at her locket!

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